Wellness Retreats & Guidance — The Path to You

Plan your perfect escape with a spa & wellness vacation to The Butterfly Creek Inn Tryon near Tryon, NC. Our spa services are performed by professionally trained and certified practitioners whose offerings include massages, couples massages, ­body treatments, balancing bodywork and anti-aging facials. Please refer to the Spa Menu for a full list of spa treatments.

Most wellness retreats or wellness centers boast of meditation, yoga, activities and sometimes food. At Butterfly Creek Inn Tryon, we offer much more: Reiki, Breathwork, Emotional Clearing, Intuitive Guidance — to name a few. Whether you’re beginning a spiritual journey or you have questions about the journey you’re on, we also have gentle consultants that work in a range of divination readings such as astrology, tarot, and Qabalah. Please refer to the Wellness Menu for a full list of our wellness offerings.


The trickling waters of Butterfly Creek form atop Little White Oak Mountain less than 3 miles away. At times, the waters seem enchanting and we’re not sure why, but many watches simply stop working here. The Cherokee considered this area sacred — a place for transformation — and so do we. Call now to book a life-changing wellness retreat.

Availability is extremely limited, please book your appointment 3 weeks in advance. If you have a last-minute request, we will do our best to accommodate you but cannot guarantee availability. Cancellations require a 24-hour notice.





Personal therapeutic yoga or other practices including yoga weights. Group rates are available. 2 weeks advanced notice. $65 for personal instruction; $110 for couples.





Guided meditations include: Meditation for Beginners, Meditations for Cancer Recovery, or Health and Wellness Meditations.
Private and Group sessions.

Brennan Healing Science Consultation




(1.5 hours) Patricia Streit is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. This comprehensive form of energy healing and personal guidance based on body-centered psychology is highly effective for wellbeing of mind and body. www.barbarabrennan.com/






(1 hour) Reiki is a Japanese method of stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Our Reiki Master, Pam McMahon began reiki training in 1995 and received her first Mastership from the International Center for Reiki in 1999. She has been practicing and studying all forms of the healing arts for the past 39 years.


Transformational Breath Work




(1 hour) Reiki master, Pam McMahon received breathwork training at the International Breathwork Institute. She has been practicing and teaching breathwork for the past ten years. Let her guide and direct you in a specific form of breathing. Breathwork often results in immediate relaxation with expanded clarity and awareness. Continued practice creates greater access to life force, healthier immune system, and happier quality of life.


Natural Health Consultations




(1.5 hours)  In his 25 years of experience, our Natural Health Consultant developed his own whole person approach to natural healing. Health coaching is a process of identifying the client’s goals; developing a plan to achieve them; and providing support and counsel as they implement the plan and begin to see the benefits.  Price includes initial consultation and follow ups.






(1 hour)  Qigong is an ancient Chinese health care system that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention. Beginners or advanced classes offered. 2 weeks advance notice. Call for group session pricing.

Astrological Readings




(1 hour)  The spiritual study of the sacred art and science of astrology brings deepening understanding of the cosmic currents as they are woven within you and greater harmony to the dance of daily life. This chart may be seen as a guide to your gifts and challenges in living a soul-infused, joyful life. Readings by Rev. Pamela Patterson. (http://www.heartspaceforhealing.com/)

Sessions may last up to 2 hours. 3 weeks advance notice.


Intuitive Guidance Sessions




(1 hour)  Our accomplished intuitive reader helps you gain greater personal awareness through spiritual counseling.

Sessions may last up to 2 hours. 3 weeks advance notice.


Energetic Soul Clearing and Healing




(1 hour)  An energetic soul clearing is a shamanic guidance to release stagnant energies that may have evolved into physical or mental health problems.

Sessions may last up to 2 hours. 3 weeks advance notice.


Walking the Path of the Western Mystery




(1 hour)  The Western Mystery Tradition is a unique spiritual path that represents the collective spiritual wisdom of the western world. It accepts this wisdom from a wide variety of divergent sources because it regards all spiritual traditions as part of an ongoing conversation between man and God. The teachings of this Tradition rest on three practices: the study of symbols, the performance of ritual, and the search for self-knowledge. Guidance and teachings by Rev. Pamela Patterson. (http://www.heartspaceforhealing.com/)

Sessions may last up to 2 hours. 3 weeks advance notice.


The Goddess of a Thousand Names




(1 hour) Learn all about the Goddess of a Thousand Names.

Sessions may last up to 2 hours. 3 weeks advance notice.

Tarot Readings




(1 hour)  Tarot cards are one of many forms of ancient divination. They are commonly used to measure potential outcomes and evaluate influences surrounding a person, event, or both.

Sessions may last up to 2 hours. 3 weeks advance notice.


Qabalah Readings




(1 hour)  Qabalah Readings are one of many forms of ancient divination. They are commonly used for spiritual guidance.

Sessions may last up to 2 hours. 3 weeks advance notice.


Energetic & Emotional Clearing




(1 hour)  Through the use of energy shifting, chakra balancing, sound and Theta to support the benefit of healthy body, mind and spirit. Call for details. We proudly welcome our 35 year practicing educator who serves on the Board of Directors for the Carolina Spiritual Science Center. She has studied and educated in Sacred Studies and led groups on 4 continents.

Workshops for many of the classes above could be offered at as low as $400 a weekend, not including meals and lodging


Wellness Cooking Classes




We are fortunate to have Seasons To Taste™ “Anti-chef” cookbook author, food consultant, Ruben on our team. Ruben is a graduate of the California Culinary Academy. He received the Award of Excellence Cooking School Teacher of the Year from the International Association of Culinary Professionals. He has lived and worked in San Francisco, Tokyo, Sydney and New York. His approach to wellness is to teach clients how to cook using seasonal and local ingredients to create healthy, balanced meals for weight loss and maintenance. In short, he teaches how to make and how to continue to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Classes include:

Waves of Grain – Anti-Chef Richard Ruben introduces students beyond quinoa. Learn to cook with barley, kumut, farro and amaranth to create flavorful, anti-aging meals.

Spiced – A healthful dish should never lack flavor. The secret seasoning in a recipe also contains health benefits. Learn all about them!

Nutritionally Fit – Every meal should support the pleasure of eating and maintain a healthy life.

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