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Spa Treatments & Wellness Guidance — The Perfect Re-Treat

Plan your perfect escape with a spa & wellness vacation to The Butterfly Creek Inn Tryon near Tryon, NC. Our spa services are performed by professionally trained and certified practitioners whose offerings include massages, couples massages, ­body treatments, balancing bodywork and anti-aging facials. Please refer to the bodywork menu and skin care menu for a full list of spa treatments.

Most wellness retreats or wellness centers boast of meditation, yoga, activities and sometimes food. At Butterfly Creek Inn Tryon, we offer much more: Reiki, Breathwork, Emotional Clearing, Intuitive Guidance — to name a few. Whether you’re beginning a spiritual journey or you have questions about the journey you’re on, we also have gentle consultants that work in a range of modalities. Please refer to the wellness menu for a full list of our wellness offerings.


Massages & Bodywork

Whether you’ve come to the Tryon area for relaxation or adventure, Butterfly Creek Inn Tryon is ready to assist with signature spa treatments designed to relax and revitalize. Our massage cream is unscented, hypo-allergenic and vegan, specifically formulated by SacredEarth Botanicals® with essential fatty acids and organic botanical extracts that promote a calming, therapeutic experience.

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Facials & Skin Care

Our aesthetician, Sherrye Chappell will assess your skin care needs and help you choose the treatment that is right for you: corrective, luxury or a combination of both.  We use pharmaceutical-grade, holistic and Ayurvedic skin care products, combining elements from both the ancient east and the latest developments in skincare and anti-aging treatments from the west.

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The trickling waters of Butterfly Creek form atop Little White Oak Mountain less than 3 miles away. At times, the waters seem enchanting and we’re not sure why, but many watches simply stop working here. The Cherokee considered this area sacred — a place for transformation — and so do we.  Call now to book a life-changing wellness retreat.

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